About Us

Our founder and director Julie Cumming, has over 20 years experience across many areas in both commercial and residential real estate.

Julie has honed her business skills across several fields with a long history of entrepreneurial experience. She has long-established herself as a person who can effectively bring people and opportunities together, both locally and internationally. Everyone who works with Julie agrees that she has a knack for exceeding client expectations.

Gold Coast based, Julie is a licenced real estate agent as well as having completed qualfications with PIPA and PIAA . She is a Qualified Property Investment Adviser  (PIPA) and also Certified by The Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA).

Julie has always had a deep desire to ensure those she works with are armed with as much knowledge and understanding as possible in order to make well informed decisions.  Her diverse experience in Real Estate in so many  areas including  Shopping Center Management, Commercial Property Management,  Project  Sales, Vendor Agent and as a Buyers’ Agent, have given an incredibly rounded wealth of experience.  Being able to navigate the different landscapes, identify the traps and recognise the spin from reality, have helped ensure her clients success.


Boutique Buyers Advocacy

Finding your new home or the ideal investment property requires experience and expertise. We can help to ensure you have a brilliant result.

Vendor Advocacy

Its time to sell and reap the rewards. Get expert assistance to ensure a great result.

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