Vendor Advocacy- Selling your property

Vendor Advocacy- Selling your property

Selling your home or your investment property can be as overwhelming as buying. Strategy is important. There is much to consider, and you may be inexperienced.

This is where can help. We have helped clients selling their own home and selling investment properties. There are some critical differences to appreciate that can have a significant impact on your successful outcome.

A complementary discussion is an excellent way to start to help mitigate unnecessary stress.

Some of the considerations are:

  • which agent to use? How to negotiate the best deal?
  • Timing- when is best to sell?
  • Selling under duress- how to alleviate the stress?
  • Which method of sale is most appropriate for your property?
  • How much you can really expect to get given current market conditions?

How would be it feel to have someone on your side, coaching and guiding you strategically through the process?

Put yourself in a superior position and let us see how we might assist you to get the best possible results.

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